Kids And Technology : Kids And Technology

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What is Teching you off? Kids and Technology Imagine walking at a park on a nice sunny day with some kids and asking them to go play, five minutes later.. looking up, all their is a empty park because all of them have a technology in their hands and seeing how they are just tapping into those screens nonstop? That is what is happening today in society. Online and real life situations, adolescents behaviors are changing everyday because of these technology uses. The behaviors that the adolescent shows has changed rapidly as technology starts to become very high tech. Their behaviors are showing increasing numbers of cyber bullying, not being very active with other children's, or not going outdoors and more causes. Because of this, if children's behavior with technology is not monitored, it could lead to serious and dangerous consequences. The most dangerous thing that technology could influence in the adolescent behavior is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying causes bad behavior because of kids who bully others online. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that is done online by intimidating or threatening other people. Comments that are said online are easier to say since it stays forever online and never goes away. There was a study that was done, and the study talked about how cyberbullying could affect the behavior of teens. Ten studies found a statistically significant association between cyberbullying and report of depression (Lotrean et al). This displays that depression is
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