Kids Are Move Asked In What's On The Small Screen Summary

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Moving Over Cable TV, Kids are Move Interested in what’s on the Small Screen” I disagree with this article because kids at age 6 – to 8 shouldn’t be on their iPod and tablets all day. They should be outside playing with family and friends making memories. When kids at this age have accuses to “Small Screen devices”, they wouldn’t want to do anything else, but be glued to their iPods and tablets. Once you give them an iPod, they would never get rid of it. I feel like letting young kids have their own electronic device it would affect them being a kid, I don’t think that should be taken away from them. Moreover, I don’t think children shouldn’t have accuses to technology, because the violent that are on the media can cause aggression for children. This article wasn’t difficult to read because it was well explained and easy to comprehend. Another reason this article made sense to, was highlighting main ideas and taking marginal notes for each Paragraph. Creating guide questions for each heading also help me figure out the main ideas of this article. One more thing that made…show more content…
For Example: Staring at the iPod or tablet so close every day, can affect their eye site. Such as exploring technology is bad for the growth of the brain, and children can have deprivation. Some young children can also have late developmental problems and the way they behave. Kids at this age should be learning how to read and write, not be on their phone 24/7. Like in this article this first paragraph say about Kristen and Soren, ‘gets up early and park themselves on the couch before school. They do not turn on the TV, though, Instead, the youngsters each pull out their cells phones”. Why would you want your kids to do this early in the morning? They shouldn’t to go on their cells phones in the crack of dawn, they should be thinking about school and playing with each
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