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Linnie, from one of the poorest areas of Washington, D.C., started having sex when she was only eleven. Girls from disadvantaged homes are three to four times more likely to have children. By the time Linnie was fifteen, she was pregnant. As soon as she found out, her boyfriend of five years left her. This is very common when it comes to teenage pregnancy. More teens are having sex and getting pregnant then ever before! These girls must decide what to do about their child, and that is a very hard decision! There are about four million teens that are sexually active in the U.S. Only about half of them use protection. There are many influences in a young person’s life. Mass media is a big part of the influence. Television…show more content…
If you have sex then you must know something can happen and you are risking having a child. If you decide to keep the child you must realize that your years of being a kid are basically over. You will have many more responsibilities as a teen with having a child then just a regular teen! You will have to get a job to support yourself as well as your child. That could even mean quitting school. The solution to pregnancy for teenage girls is one of these choices: abortion, adoption, or raising the child yourself. No matter which is chosen, there will be an emotional cost. Choosing abortion or adoption usually means that the woman isn’t prepared to become a parent and knows it. Children need diapers, food, toys, medical care, clothes, and many other things. Most teenagers cannot afford to buy all those things and still pay for themselves. When teens choose abortion they can eventually go back to living their old lives. In the past few decades, abortion has become very common! Since abortion is so common these days, the adoption rate has decreased rapidly. The questions that adoption agencies ask are much tougher than ever before. When teens put their children up for adoption they have the option of still seeing them. A down side to adoption is that the girl will still have to go through nine months of being pregnant. If you choose to raise your child then you have to get a job and make enough

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