Kids Will Be Kids : Is No Longer The Case?

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The employee’s lunch quickly ended as he stormed out of the break room baffled. While walking back to his cubical, he thought…. Parents really allow their children to have such a disgruntle demeanor? The day seemed to drag as he became emotionally disgusted. He found himself disturbed and writing down words like anger, fist fighting, bribery, nark, under achiever and so on. All these words carry a negative meaning. It is these kind of words that children, friends, family, coworkers and employers endorse in their daily lives for the sole purpose to bully others? These words have been around for eons and did not have the same impact on society as they do today. The old clue shay “kids will be kids” is no longer the case. American’s…show more content…
Today, people are out of tune with human civilization. This did not happen overnight. Due to people using negative words in their daily vocabulary change occurred. One evident cause is individual values. Constantly, the local daily paper is full of people committing wrongful acts of behavior. The band aid answer is contributed to one’s upbringing. While partially accurate it continues well beyond. An individual’s values are comprised of discipline and ethics. Very few children today receive a good old spanking that some old folks reminisce about when talking about the “good old days”. People who grew up over the past 25 years lack discipline, which has flowed into the work force. Discipline comes in various forms. Just like discipline a adults parental rights are eroding too. Society has put their nose in how parents raise their children. Parents are afraid to spank their child, have them perform additional chores, or stand in the corner with their nose touching the wall when they do wrong. The current laws tie parents’ hands. According to American Humane Association “an estimated 3.3 million reports of alleged abuse and/or neglect involving approximately 6 million children were made to local child protective services (CPS) agencies across the country. An estimated 899,000 of these children were determined to be victims of abuse
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