Kieffer's Dialogic Retrospection

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Four years have passed for the students who overcame their shyness in the center. The teacher choose research methods from Kieffer’s dialogic retrospection. As a result, it became a learning process for both the teacher and the students. The research allowed the students to go back and listen to their voices on the tape, and to visually see their image on the filmstrip. The students was able to reflect back to that time in their lives.
The teacher was nerve about meeting Qiu Liang; the teacher haven’t seen him since their work in the center. The teacher wondered what he will be like. Qiu Liang seem to be very comfortable speaking to the teacher; he was reassured the teacher for a change. Qiu was put in ESL classes in high school and seem to
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Cindy and the teacher had a trusted relationship. Having no friends that didn’t speak Chinese motivated Cindy to learn English; it her one year to learn to speak and understand English. However, it wasn’t until 6th grade that Cindy felt that she has mastered the English language. Cindy felt the difference between the two school systems. For example: Hong Kong teachers were a lot stricter then the teachers in the United States. Just like every other kid in a new place Cindy experienced fear and exhaustion. She shared how she felt through her film-strips. The filmstrips helped Cindy overcome her shyness. Just like the others; Cindy felt that the was caught in the middle of the two cultures. Cindy experienced some difficulty with cultural identity because of her dual cultural experience and language (p. 89).
Rosario, a straightforward, open, and honest student; wrote the film story, The Lonely Bear. Just like the other 3 students, Rosario gave into the shyness. She believed if the counselor at her school did leave she would have graduated. That was her safe nest. The Lonely Bear, was her as a child; a child hat felt loneliness before coming to the Center. (The story was a plea for help.) Rosario wanted people to understand her. In the film, she had created a fantasy world of friendship, caring, nurturing, and fun (p. 92). Rosario still long to have finish high
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