Kierkegaard Vs Nietzsche

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My research proposal consists in a parallel reading of Soren Kierkegaard's and Friedrich Nietzsche's works, with a focus on the topic of Irony. In this respect, I aim to compare these authors' interpretation of the nature of Irony, and to show how they both do not see it as an expression of an attitude of disengagement. Instead, these two thinkers see the ironist's attitude as that of the one who sets out to disrupt our given-for-granted habits, having the purpose of deepening and transforming our ethical and religious committments.
In reading Nietzsche and Kierkegaard this way, I am mostly grounding my interpretation in Jonathan Lear's lectures on Irony and Ralph Harper's study of Existentialism. On one hand, I am adopting Lear's view of Irony as connected to the cultivation of virtue and of human excellence; Irony, is then the capacity of turning the faimiliar in the unfamiliar, as a part of the diffcult pursuit of 'becoming human'. Our social and personal structures and narratives, are therefore disrupted by the
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I hold this research topic to be not just of great scholarly interest as it comes to the study of these two authors: my opinion, is that such a dissertation could shed a different light on how we understand the Theo-Philosophical enterprise, underlying its necessary connection to life's broader context. Nietzsche and Kierkegaard can help us see the pursuit of a better rational understanding of religion, as well as of religious life and practices, not just as a curiosity but as a part of the exploration, crticism, strengthening of our existential commitments and
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