Kihim Beach in Raigad, India

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Kihim is definitely the ultimate sports beach in the konkan. It is a place full of trilling attractions that never fail to attract tourists all the year round. This is why it is regarded as one of the most famous beaches in alibag. The rocky stretches define the shoreline here and exhibits beautiful sceneries during sunrise and sunsets. Khanderi and Underi are the forts near the beach that provides beautiful views of sunsets. In the Shravan month every year pilgrims gather at Kihim beach to view the Swayambhu Shivling that is said to appear mysteriously out of nowhere in the waters near the beach and disappear again. This happens every year and attracts many visitors from all round the place.
Ladghar has storage of unspoiled landscape and is known for its serenity and is great for tourists for a laid back holiday. Since this place is undeveloped compared to others around it so the scenic beauties are totally unspoiled and intact which the tourists really enjoy. Another fascinating fact is that some part of the sea along this beach appears to be red which looks really beautiful at sunset. One can also find colorful pebbles and rock along the shore which is the best rock collectors could ever get near a beach. The beach has religious value too and has great water for swimming too. Local cuisine is also a great attraction for tourists. There are resorts which serve local cuisine.
The malvan wild life sanctuary is the main attraction in Malvan. It has a core zone of

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