Kilkenny Lumber Case Study Essay examples

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Kilkenny Lumber Case Study Assignment

Part I

1. Productivity of the crew would be below standard. I believe for the productivity to be below standard because they were sent to this crew because of their lack of work. Just because they have been assigned to another crew, does not mean that they will begin to work well right away. When compared to the Equity Theory, I believe there to be positive inequity for the three men assigned to the new group. For being assigned to the group due to lack of work, it is unfair to have a higher pay grade than those who have been in the company for a longer period of time and who are doing their job correctly. This may cause issues with subprofessionals being motivated to work to their full
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The crewmen who were assigned to this group are probably not happy with their reassignment, so at least in the beginning things may be slow.

5. Some subgroups will have accepted the informal standards about crew behavior while others will not. The crewmen who have been with the company for a longer period of time may have grown accustomed to the current standards. The new crewmen on the other hand may disagree with the standards and try to implement new ones. Since Kilkenny management considered the leader and assistant leader to be excellent foresters and teachers, I believe they will implement new strategies which will better benefit the crew as a whole.

Part II

My predictions in part I were fairly accurate to the information provided in part II. The existing crewmen talked amongst one another at lunch time and the new crewmen isolated themselves from the group. Additional information that would have helped with predictive accuracy could have included information about the three new professionals past performance in other groups specifically. A description could have included information about the amount of work done compared to fellow co-workers. Also, if the professionals have been reassigned in the past could have been added.

Part III

1. The first strategy will be successful. I believe this strategy to be an excellent idea because this would divide the professionals up

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