Kill A Mocking Bird By Harper Lee

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Rajan Dhaliwal
Ms. Aube

To Kill A Mocking Bird Growth and development is a natural process in life. It can be seen through change in one’s behaviour and actions as a result of major life changing events or simply age. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee integrates growth and development as seen through the progressive maturity of her characters Jem, Scout and the citizens of Maycomb.

To begin with, scout shows maturation in to kill a mocking bird by stopping what she used to do such as fighting. Scout had some anger issues which made her mad easily and forced her to use her hands. “We were far too old to settle an argument with a fist-fight, so we consulted Atticus” (Lee 3). This proves how scout is growing up on her own feet and she realizes that fist fight is not always the best way to jump to conclusion. Scout understands that how fist fighting is not the appropriate way to end an argument, and she instead goes and consults Atticus and asks him how they should come to a conclusion. As someone who goes through growth and development starts to understand how that there always more ways to solve something rather than jumping to conclusion and this was demonstrated by scout. Another point where scouts shows hers her growth and development is when she is about to fight Cecil Jacobs,
“ Atticus had promised me he would wear me out if he ever heard of me fighting anymore ; I was too far old and big for such childish things, and the sooner I learned to…
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