Kill A Mockingbird Anticipation Guide

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To Kill a Mockingbird Anticipation guide 1. Have you ever stood up for something that wasn’t popular with everyone else? Do you find it difficult to stand up for what you believe of no one else agrees? Yes, we have all stood up for something that wasn’t popular with others. For example, in elementary school I would try to tell my classmates which bin to throw what garbage in but no one wanted to take the time to throw things on the right bin. I find it is difficult to stand up for things that others don’t believe because if you are not someone looked up to and your cause is unpopular, no one will follow Predictions: I can assume that in the story a character will have to choose to stand up for something that isn’t popular with others and will find it difficult to make them agree. 2. Have you ever embarked on a plan or game that was sure to fail? If so, why did you choose to go ahead with it? Yes, I have embarked upon a plan that was sure to fail in grade 8. The plan was for the intermediate division in my school to hide behind the portables after recess as an April fools prank on our teachers. We chose to go ahead with it anyway to see what the reactions of the teachers were. Predictions: With this question, it can be assumed that in To Kill a Mockingbird, one will find a character, or multiple characters will intend to win a no-win scenario, back down from it, or find a way to cheat the system. 3. Have you ever experienced prejudice? If so, under what

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