Kill A Mockingbird By Atticus Finch

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When thinking of the image of a hero, most would consider a man with monstrous muscles in a spandex costume. One who fights against the crimes of evildoers, mostly with brawn and superpowers. Unfortunately, what this generation doesn 't seem to understand is that a simple, ordinary man can be a hero as well. A normal, everyday man such as Atticus Finch from the novel, 'To Kill A Mockingbird '. Atticus could easily steal the title of a hero from any fairy tale muscle mass, not only because of the actions he takes, but the qualities he possesses as well as the father role in which he fulfills.
A man 's actions shouldn’t have to consist of lifting cars to be considered a hero. Incredible deeds completed to overcome extraordinary obstacles help to create true heroes, such as the performances done by Atticus throughout the novel. Infact, the simple act of taking on Tom Robinson 's case served as the backbone to Atticus’s heroism. Although the court trial was assigned to him, Atticus was determined to defend Tom to the utmost of his ability, despite the opinions of others. He stood up for what was right even if that meant putting himself and his family through the backlash. The world isn 't full of rainbows and butterflies like it 's made out to be in the happily ever after’s of movies and television shows. The world is a cold, cruel place and the people that manage to shine a ray of light in this space of darkness are the true idols. Wrapped in its society of racism and social
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