Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ written by Harper Lee, is a story of the racism, prejudice and inequality that occurred throughout the early 1930’s, in the fictional Southern America county of Maycomb. This racism, exemplified through the charges brought upon Tom Robinson by Bob Ewell and the animosity towards Atticus and his family for defending Tom, is manifested through the anti-African-
American consensus present throughout Maycomb County, which ultimately causes Dolphus
Raymond’s fabricated drinking problem, and becomes evident through the hypocritical attitudes of
Miss Gates. Through the eyes of eight year old Scout, modern day readers encounter numerous examples of injustice, impossible to comprehend.
Scout’s third grade teacher, Miss
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This becomes evident through the description of the homes and working lives of the black families, as well as the attempted lynching of Tom
Robinson. “There are no better people in the world than the Jews, and why Hitler doesn’t see think so is a mystery to me” (page 270). As Miss Gates defends the Jewish people of Germany, she unsuccessfully realises that, like the Jews, the African- American society are being persecuted for no apparent reason. They contribute to their society at a substantial rate, yet receive nothing but ridicule. These hypocritical views are not common amongst society today. The education system incorporates the extreme acts of racism carried out upon the African- American race in the curriculum, educating students on the wrong in discriminatory actions.
Dolphus Raymond essentially has two identities. The general society of Maycomb identify him as a man, who has sadly fallen into the clutches of whiskey, living in a state of delirium that allows him to believe associating with the African- American race is the norm, however, to his family he is a sober and respectable man, an admirable father and partner. “Secretly, Miss Finch, I’m not much of a drinker, but you see they could never, never understand that I live like I do because that’s the way I want to live” (page 221). Inside the sack everyone assumes holds whiskey, there is nothing but Coca- Cola. Dolphus has constructed a public identity that has fooled the
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