Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Though Harper Lee only published two novels, her accomplishments are abundant. Throughout her career Lee claimed: the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fiction, and Quill Award for Audio Book. Lee was also inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. This honor society is a huge accomplishment and is considered the highest recognition for artistic talent and accomplishment in the United States. Along with these accomplishments, her novel To Kill a Mockingbird was voted the best novel of the twentieth century by Library Journal. With her first book, Lee shattered the cliche of what a first time author accomplishes. However, because of the major success Lee faced with her first novel, she had high standards to meet with her second novel. Go Set a Watchman was the heavily anticipated second novel of Harper Lee, and to many, the heavily disappointing novel. Many critics have noted on the changes in Lee’s works and have questioned her reasoning for releasing a second novel. Even with the slight falter due to her second book, Lee still generates a large fanbase, and continues to captivate the world with her novels. Through her books, Lee discusses many injustices in which the world continues to suffer from, along with the misinterpretations that many have about racism, segregation, and prejudice in the South. To Kill a Mockingbird was released during the civil era in America, and it couldn 't have happened at a…

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