Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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In order to be your best possible self, you have to put yourself in someone else 's shoes. Atticus emphasizes that you have to untie your own shoes before putting yourself in someone else 's throughout his parenting in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Atticus strongly encourages Scout to explore the mentality of compassion, sympathy, and tolerance, by crawling into other 's shoes and trying to grasp what they go through in their everyday lives. When Scout puts herself in else 's shoes, she comes to the conclusion that the world is full of people who are willing to live their lives in hiding, just to be happy, and to hide from people’s harsh judgement. One example in which Scout puts herself in else 's shoes is when Scout walks Dill out of the courthouse. When they stop outside Dill is offered a drink from the alleged drunk Dolphus Raymond’s brown paper bag. Scout is quick to judge, because Raymond likes to live with Negroes. “Mr. Dolphus Raymond, the man who lives with a black woman and has mixed children, offered Dill a sip of his drink to settle his stomach. I said, ‘Dill, you watch out, now,’ because I knew Mr. Raymond drank alcohol out of that bottle in the brown paper bag.” (Lee, 268). Scout assumes that Raymond is giving Dill whiskey, because of his bad reputation and the rumors spread around by the innumerable nosy townspeople, but instead Scout is quick to learn that Dolphus Raymond gives people a reason to hate him, so he doesn’t have to have the mentality

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