Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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In any great film, there is a great message behind it. When you watch a movie, do you ever dig deeper than just sitting there and looking at what is going on? Perhaps, there is a message or a certain belief that film had. Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird was released into a great film on December 25 1962. This film is a favorite to many people and is still ranked the 29th best film in the internet data base. The film is based around a court case for a black male that was accused of raping a white woman. It is a very inspirational movie. To better understand the film, you must know the director of the film, the leading roles in the film, the conflicts that the plot had to do with racism, and the themes the film and book withhold.…show more content…
Atticus plays a very intelligent role as a man and a father. In the film, there was a certain scene that caught many people’s attention. In the scene, Atticus shot a dog on the street in front of his home. The director had Atticus take his glasses off, the glasses being a symbol of intelligence, for Atticus to shoot the dog he had to be emotionless. The act of killing the dog was violent and dirty, which was extremely unusual for Atticus. The message Mulligan was getting behind that was showing that Atticus was able to be aggressive and violent in order to protect his family even though he was a man of knowledge. There was a variety of actors playing many different roles in the film. One writer from Variety’s states, “There are some top-notch supporting performances” (“To” n.p). Therefore, the actors were carefully chosen. For starters, Gregory Peck played a major role as an attorney, a father and a friend. He mastered each role that he had to play perfectly. The role he played gave him a bigger audience. To Kill a Mocking Bird was Peck’s best film he acted in. He earned much recognition for it. Mary Badham played Scout in the film. Scout’s role was unusually confident, thoughtful, and good. The way Badham acted her role at the young age of ten, was perfect. Due to the film, Badham was nominated for an academy award for best supporting actress. To Kill a
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