Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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The 1930s in the South were a time of the Great Depression, many people lost valuable possessions, such as crops, houses, and land, and money was awfully limited. These conflicts construct Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Lee establishes the concurrence of good and evil, meaning whether people are naturally good or naturally evil. Lee uses symbolism, characterization, and plot to portray the instinctive of good and evil. To Kill a Mocking Bird, a novel by Harper Lee takes place during the 1930s in the Southern United States. The protagonist, Scout Finch, is a tomboy that is at the age of six at the beginning of the novel, and is aged at nine towards the end. Scout Finch is the daughter to Atticus Finch which happens to be a notable lawyer and a widower, leaving him to care for his two kids, Scout and Jem. Jem Finch is only four years elder than Scout and is considered to be one of the many antagonists in this particular novel. The main conflict during this novel is when Atticus Finch represents a black male by the name of Tom Robinson whom was implicated with raping and beating a white woman. This was challenging for both Scout and Jem due to the perpetual insults and racial comments. Both Jem and Scout struggled tremendously with restraining the urge to fight others who made these particular comments due to their father’s role in the trial. Tom Robinson was charged with rape and abuse regardless of how efficiently Atticus’ proved

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