Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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As Lemony Snicket wrote in The Blank Book, “People don’t always get what they deserve in this world.” 1930s America was fraught with racism, especially in the southern states. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a Negro man by the name of Tom Robinson was put on trial. Although he was not guilty, the jury convicted him because of the colour of his skin. During the trial, others showed injustice towards Tom and people that were on his side. As Tom’s lawyer, Atticus Finch was not admired by many of the white citizens of Maycomb, the town in which the novel takes place. Although Atticus and Jean Louise Finch (Scout) were white, they were still treated unjustly as a result of helping and supporting Tom Robinson. Scout, Atticus’…show more content…
In the novel, Scout 's cousin, Francis Hancock, said “I guess it ain’t your fault if Uncle Atticus is a nigger-lover besides, but I’m here to tell you it certainly does mortify the rest of the family–” (Lee 110). Francis criticized Atticus through Scout. He did not believe that whites should be helping blacks. He called Atticus a “nigger lover” like many others in Maycomb, even though Atticus was simply trying to help an innocent man, treating him the way everyone should be treated. Mrs. Dubose disapproved of the man that Atticus decided to defend. She believed that Atticus has gone against what he was taught when he was raised. To Mrs. Dubose, anyone associated with the Negroes were no better than them. Many people in Maycomb had the same views as Mrs. Dubose. They believed that being friends with a Negro made you trash like them. Therefore, they had been calling Jem and Scout names and insulting Atticus by calling him a nigger lover. Like Mrs. Dubose, Francis said that Atticus had gone against the family. As a child, Scout experienced injustice. Since she was just a child, it was very easy for others to treat her unjustly. Her classmates, Mrs. Caroline, and Mr. Ewell criticized and harmed her for unjust reasons. Cecil Jacobs, one of Scout 's classmates, said, “Scout Finch 's daddy defended niggers.” (Lee 99). Cecil insulted Scout, making her upset. Scout wanted to start a fight, but was stopped by her brother, Jem Finch. Even as a child,
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