Kill Stray Cats or Let them Alone

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She argues both sides in the article being unbiased throughout and only being supportive with factual evidence throughout the article. Lednicer appeals logically and emotionally by giving personal stories and facts throughout the article without sending a biased message to her readers. Lednicer also appeals to the readers about the situation of the cats by bringing forth different viewpoints from reliable sources. Lednicer’s article is clear enough for the reader to understand the article thoroughly by arranging ideas in order, however, she often would jump to different viewpoints quickly allowing one or the other to negate or agree with what was stated. Lednicer starts the article by giving descriptive details of Laurice Ghougasian’s everyday duties she maintains in order for her several cats to be taken care of on a daily basis. Readers are informed that Laurice neuters all of her cats to stop the reproducing of cats which helps reduce cat numbers but not fast enough allowing her to explain how emotionally and financially exhausting the cats can be. Laurice says “I spend all my money and time relocating cats,” while others bless Laurice for her troubles “she asks them to bless the cats instead” (Lednicer). This beginning adds to a very personal appeal towards cats for…
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