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Killer Angels Paper
The Human Factor in the American Civil War
Michael Shaara’s fictional novel, The Killer Angels, is based on the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. The novel allows the reader to recognize the heart and courage of the more than two million men that fought in the war. Shaara focuses the reader to better understand the reason why these men fight and the meaning of the war. Ultimately, the reader observes that the war is fought on an individual level as much as a governmental level. These men are there to fight for what they believe is truly right. The Confederates fought for their rights to hold slaves, their freedom tyranny of the Federal Government, and their
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All these factors show that American Civil War, in some cases, fought on an individual level as well as for the government.
The friendship between General Armistead and General Hancock affects their attitude towards the fighting. Both become a little weary because they would be fighting each other. General Armistead hopes that his enemy was not his dear old friend, he says “But I wish, I wish it was not Hancock atop that hill…I wish… the war was over.'; Knowing Hancock is on the other side discourages Armistead from fighting the battle. There is another instance in the text that Armistead is sorry is starting too early with the attack because Hancock may not be set and ready. He then prays to God that General Hancock would be all right. The friendship has caused General Armistead to be disheartened towards the battle. His individual interests are in the way of the war.
Stonewall Jackson at Kernstown accused confederate General Richard Brooke Garnett of cowardice. The Battle of Gettysburg is Garnett’s chance to redeem the honor that he has lost. He knows that no one has ever doubted his courage before then, and must get it back. Garnett is too ill to walk so he must ride a horse to get around. On the third day of battle, he is engaged in a conversation with General Armistead. In the conversation that Garnett was ordered not to ride

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