Killer Bees Essay

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The Africanized Honey Bee is actually a variety of honeybee derived by hybridization from African honeybees naturalized in the western hemisphere. Because they are highly defensive and will attack perceived intruders more readily than the common European honeybee, they are also known by the popular name of “killer bees.”      Brazilian scientists imported African honeybee queens in the 1950’s in order to breed a honeybee for use in tropical climates. Some swarms escaped into the wild. Because they were highly adapted for tropical survival and had no natural competitors, they thrived and spread rapidly through South America, extending their range by as much as 500 km (300 mi) per year. By the 1980s, Africanized…show more content…
The businesses of many beekeepers in Latin American countries have failed as a result of Africanization of the native hives. Africanized honey bees are not expected to have the same impact in the United States because of advanced beekeeping technology and climatic limitations on the spread of the species. Africanization of beehives can be prevented by the annual introduction of new European queens to each colony. Africanized honeybees have increased the number of human deaths due to bee stings in Mexico and Argentina and probably in other countries. In the United States, however, although more people have been stung by bees since 1990, no more bee-related deaths than usual have been recorded. Conclusions:      The idea of “killer bees” is one that is created more by the media and misinformation than actual fact. Killer bees rarely—if ever—kill a victim. In addition, a killer bee scare in the United States would be completely unfounded and unnecessary. General precautions that are usually taken with the domesticated honeybee will suffice in protecting oneself against the Africanized honeybee. The Africanized honeybee has, for the most part, reached a climatic limitation in the United States and will not pose a threat to the northern areas of the country. The effect of Africanized honeybees to the United States is small. Advanced bee-keeping methods, precautions, and medical technology negate the
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