Killer Or Assassin?

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Would you let your child play a game called Killer or Assassin? No, despite the vicious name of the game, it is a game of strategy that is teaching kids valuable life lessons. Assassin, or Killer, is a game in which kids form teams and are given other teams to “kill”. To kill another player you must spray them with a squirtgun. Once you get hit with the squirtgun, you are out. I believe that kids should be allowed to play this game because it enforces planning and problem solving. This game forces kids to plan out their attacks and to learn where their victims will be at any time. The teams need to gather information about other teams and team members in order to plan a fool-proof attack. An article by Guy Martin, High-Jinks Shoot-Out,…show more content…
They are compelled to take a new route when the first doesn’t work; they need to have a plan B. One creative team of seniors from St. Ann’s High School needing to problem solve in order to move on to their next target. In order to move on they had to take out Willis Cohen, a freshman with fearfully good skills. According to Guy Martin, “At 10:30 P.M. on a Wednesday, three of the four seniors, armed with Walgreens-issue water pistols, staked out Cohen’s house in a blue Toyota minivan. The idea was to use a cell phone to call the Cohen’s landline, posing as Cohen’s teammate Dominic, using Dominic’s caller I.D. . . . The call went through. But Cohen’s mom-who had earlier driven her son and a teammate to a kill in SoHo-had been tipped off. . . . and the seniors spent the night” (Shoot-Out 2). Although the seniors had an ingenious plan with the cell phone, they had to decide what to do when the situation didn’t go as intended. The seniors didn’t panic, but remained calm and thought up a new plan; stake out the Cohen house all night. This evidence shows that this game that everyone is saying is bad is helping kids everyday. They are learning to problem solve on their own. I feel that simulated games like these are teaching kids and I think they should be able to play them. I used to think that games like Killer would lead kids to a life of violence, but now I know that, despite the name, Killer is a beneficial game
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