Killer Whales

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Killer Whales: Abused & Mistreated While many people have experienced the majestic showcasing of trained orcas in public displays at recreational parks such as SeaWorld, few have heard of the tragic events that these killer whales go through while in captivity. It is ironic that such family oriented companies like SeaWorld, who pride themselves in giving families experiences that they will never forget, can just tear families of killer whales apart and abuse them while training them. And although these public displays of trained orcas seem extraordinary through the audience’s eyes, it is time that the untold stories of these whales and the true dangers of training whales comes out into light. Killer whales are the most intelligent…show more content…
In the wild, these whales live between 50 to 80 years. With such a high mortality rate with the breeding and captivity of these killer whales, big companies like SeaWorld still continue their day to day operations, to ensure that their revenue never stops increasing. But the captivity of these whales poses a dangerous threat to the trainers that are hired to perform with the whales. There are only a few documented deaths and a long list of attacks on trainers that SeaWorld has disclosed from the public. With the numbers rising on the attacks of trainers by whales, SeaWorld has done everything possible to cover up the fact that these attacks are happening because of the whales’ captivity. SeaWorld’s prized killer whale Tilikum, was involved in a death of a trainer, and yet 13 months later was rejoined with SeaWorld’s cast, and has become the most popular killer whale in the show business. It is extremely unfair and immoral to profit from the mistreatment of animals. Many marine parks and recreational parks use killer whales as their main attraction, and without the whales the attendance would drop drastically. That means millions and millions of dollars would be lost in revenue and parks like SeaWorld would not be able to cash in on it. Therefore, these recreational parks provide entertainment and allow guests to view the animals up close. But the public rarely

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