Killing Daniel

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Expository text argumentative essay, killing Daniel written by Helen garner Question: non-fiction texts make comment on contemporary Australian society. Discuss. The function of an Expository text is to make comment on society in order to educate us on a world that we don’t have much experience with. The non-fiction text Killing Daniel written by Helen Garner, comments on contemporary Australian society by examining our refusal to open our eyes to brutal reality. Helen Garner exposes the horrific and brutal story of Daniel Valerio, whom in society permitted to be beaten to death at only the age of two by his own mothers ‘boyfriend’. Garner comments that as a result of societies apathy, and refusal to open our eyes to reality, we allow…show more content…
This challenges the traditional expectations of authority figures and raises concern and lack of trust towards them. Within the text, Garner comment’s on the dark side of human nature, where people dwell in negative thoughts such as revenge and hate and act with violence and force. Paul Aiton is a prime example of someone who depicts the dark side of human nature. He was charged in court for the abuse and murder of Daniel Valerio, an innocent 2-year-old boy. Garners point of “the worm in the heart of the rose” represents the existence of evil in a considerably beautiful world. Garners use of figurative language signifies society as a beautiful world that is damaged by those who seek violence and destruction. Through the text Garner has not described contemporary Australian society as a beautiful world, however has described a world that is internally dysfunctional due to the dark side of human nature. Consequently the violence within society is difficult to change since the actions of individuals in society are disorganized. Garner describes social exclusion to be the ultimate cause for Daniels death. Mainstream societies ability to exclude themselves from those considered as ‘outsiders’ caused Daniels death to be a “long, slow process.” Within the text Garner has described society as a pathetic and “vicious collection of children and parents”, who gave the impression to have thrown “up a stockade around themselves, a force

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