Killing Our Language: A Short Story

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The way we write today has evolved into something most people think is “killing” our language. Take for example the conversation I was having with my friend, Leah: so wyd Me: lol my aow wbu Leah: sucks to suck, I’m watching Gossip Girl lmao Me: ._. Leah: Ahhaha. As I was looking at what we were saying I noticed we aren’t really laughing at anything because nothing we’re saying is funny, as showed on Ted Talk Lol has evolved into something that people say to fill in the conversation. It has slowly gained no meaning in the “txting world”. So is texting killing the way we speak? No, it isn’t because I would never say “Lol” when I’m having a normal conversation with someone, I would also never shorten “because” into “bc” or “are into “r”. No one
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