Killing Reagan By Bill O ' Reilly And Martin Dugard

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Killing Reagan was wrote by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard as a part of their series to talk about the deaths, assassination, and near deaths of certain historical people. O’Reilly and Dugard write about the events leading up to the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan including discussing the attempted assassin, John Hinckley, and the events after up until his death. The authors present the viewpoint as if one were there to witness the lives of the people in the book. Killing Reagan talks about the politics during Reagan’s life and presidency to tell about who Ronald Reagan was and his ideas that influenced a presidency. Some things a reader may want to know before starting this book is a basic idea of the events and politics of the twentieth century, especially those after WWII. Overall, it is easy for just about anyone to understand.
Killing Reagan starts the prologue with the sentence “The man who has one minute to live is no longer confused (O’Reilly and Dugard 1)” as he discusses who is in the room with him, including his two kids, Ron and Patti, and his wife, Nancy Reagan. The authors also talk about what caused his death, dementia that started ten years ago that caused him to not make a public appearance in that time period. The authors go into the first chapter discussing the winning debate that probably gave him the presidency that happened a week before the election. The authors then talk about how former President Carter won past debates against Gerald R.

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