Killing The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Kathleen Tran Szczudlak Political Economy 19 May 2017 Killing the Death Penalty In 2016, there were only 20 people executed in the United States (Death Penalty Info). Every year, many people are sentenced with the death penalty. As a result, the debate between whether or not the death penalty should be abolished has been argued throughout the year. Many advocates argue to keep the death penalty because of new science advances, retribution, cost, and the amount of cruelty. However, getting rid of the death penalty is necessary because there are innocent lives lost, a lack of diversity, and better alternatives. The death penalty was established as far back as the Ancient Laws of China. Back then, the methods for execution were more cruel.…show more content…
Another reason for the death penalty to be abolished is the numbers of mistaken deaths there has been. In Alabama, ten men were wrongfully executed and proven to be innocent afterwards. Earl Charles spoke before the death penalty committee last year to try to abolish the death penalty. He was put on death row for a murder he did not commit and was proven innocent before he was executed (America Magazine). In addition, many inmates are not mentally stable and are subjected to the death sentence when they should be put in a psychiatric hospital to receive the treatment they need. Statistically, one out of ten people executed were mentally ill (Amnesty International). Although their actions were wrong, they are mentally unstable, especially during their trials. However, there are some kills that are narcissists and feed off of the publicity. They are proud of what they have done and their execution would give them the publicity that they don’t deserve. Likewise, a poor defense has gotten people sentenced to death. Many times the defendant would lack money, while the victim’s family is able to hire a good defense. Finally, death by execution goes against almost every religion. This makes people question the morality behind it. The aftermath of it affects the people that perform the execution too. A number of people end up suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD,

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