Killing an Animal for Clothing

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Imagine being beaten to near death and being painfully skinned alive. This scenario seems as if it would only happen in a horror film, but in reality it occurs on a daily basis. Looking at a fur coat through a store window or in a glossy magazine one may not realize that animals were beaten, electrocuted, crammed in filthy wire cages, or even hanged just to produce a simple fur coat. Every year millions of animals are treated wrongly and even killed for the fur on their backs. Society may think twice about wearing the corpse of an animal when one knows what really happens in the name of fashion. An immeasurable amount of suffering went into every fur trimmed jacket, leather belt, or wool sweater hanging in ones closet. To eradicate the…show more content…
The award-winning sheep, however, like the other 930 odd Merino-Saxon sheep kept in this indoor facility, had little to celebrate” (Ultra Fine). To protect the wool sheep are kept inside twenty-four hours a day for four to five years. During these years these wool producing animals are kept in cages, have almost no natural light, sleep on wooden slatted floors, and have to wear nylon coats to protect their wool from particles such as dust. The simple, natural behaviors of the sheep cannot be met, instead of grazing on grass, one may graze on wooden slats and strands of wire which enclose them. Not only do these innocent sheep have to bear through poor living conditions but they are put through great pain or even die due to the pestering blowflies. In the moist folds of the wool-bearing skin on the sheep blowflies will lay eggs which will later on turn into maggots, if not treated over several days the sheep will no longer suffer, but die. Although alternatives are available many sheep farmers, like those in Australia try to take care of this issue in an agonizing and painful way called “mulesing.” Carole De Fraga writer for Animals Today informs readers, “‘Mulesing’ has been the accepted Australian farming practice to combat flystrike for at least 50 years. Without
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