“Killings” By Andre Dubus, Is A Journey Story About The

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“Killings” by Andre Dubus, is a journey story about the death of a man and the quest to answer questions about the case. The story opens as Frank 's funeral is proceeding. The reader can assume that he was killed because of his interaction with Richard’s wife. Even Though they were technically separated, but not divorced, Richard did not take the news of his legal spouse seeing another man. Richard was a hothead and had a very hard time processing things rationally when his mind is clouded. One night, he saw his wife and children eating dinner with Frank and became irrationally upset then killed Frank by shooting him in the chest. Frank’s family was incredibly upset and also made decisions that would not be made had they taken the…show more content…
No person in the world can say that then do not know that killing human beings is legally and morally wrong. Even Though we know for a fact that Frank’s dad knows killing is a despicable crime, he is so clouded in his thinking that he feels, at that moment, that it is justified. Killing anyone is an extreme task that takes a tragic event to spur an irrational thought or action. You then need mass amounts of stress or discourse for an individual, and Frank’s death is exactly the catalyst in this story that makes the murder justified in Matt’s mind. Death can lead to incredibly clouded thinking processes, which is shown in this short story. No normal person, with a pure thought process would even think about killing an individual. Most of the reactions in Killings, were due to clouded thinking process’. The fact that Ruth, knew that her husband had begun to carry a gun not for his own safety, but for the end goal of killing Richard, again shows that her mind was fogged over with the thought of possibly ,“unknowingly” , avenging her son 's death (Dubus 1132). If she had not had the stress and anxiety that tags along with the death of a loved on and time to think her decisions out, it can be assumed that she would not approve of the choices her husband made. There is also a very good likelihood that

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