Killswitch Research Paper

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Ciara Grant
American Politics
April 20, 2017

“KillSwitch” Essay #2

The film Killswitch was about the government trying to monopolize and control user traffic on the internet. Whether it is for security purposes or financial gain, our system of democracy is being compromised at a technological level. Several speakers including Tim Wu, expressed how “hacktivism” was a revolutionary tool used to take a stand against government interference.
One of the main topics of Killswitch’s is democracy and how it is being challenged now at a technological level. The film portrays how the smaller groups that have funding are trying to control the majority through restriction of internet capabilities and more surveillance amongst
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They were both targeted because of their politics and ideology behind the system of Government.
Aaron Swarts becomes the face of this cause of freedom of Internet Privacy. The back story of Aaron Swarts and how he was portrayed as a hero, can make a person question and distrust the government even more. Aaron Swarts embodies the fight for protection of freedom of press.
They were both targeted because they used the freedom of the internet to do what they thought was right by the people. It’s a network platform formed of smaller connecting networks that multiplies in the age of technology. The internet is a huge collaboration with social websites like google, twitter, email accounts, Facebook and so forth. It can be a platform for all interest of fields. This is where citizens can communicate freely amongst each other where we share post on issues and news. The internet is a supposed to be anyplace that’s not monitored and where we can receive unaltered information and form our own ideologies on topics. The filmmakers in Killswitch believes that. The internet was invented to be that place but can it stay that way? Its Critical to know that the network continues to empower people
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