Kilpatrick Why The Secular Needs The Sacred Summary

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Critique of “Why the Secular Needs the Sacred”

Kilpatrick, William Kirk. “Why the Secular Needs the Sacred.” In College Composition Workshop, by James A. Chapman, 150-155. 2nd ed. Pensacola, FL: A Beka Book, 2015.

Summary of Major Ideas
In William Kirk Kilpatrick’s article, “Why the Secular Needs the Sacred,” the need for spirituality to be the basis behind the rules of this world is accurately presented. Six reasons the world rules need spirituality behind them are to: give a reason to the secular laws, give authority to parents, give a moral reason to keep the laws, instigate love and respect rather than hostility, give the power to discipline, and explain why things are done this way. Kilpatrick suggests that in order for one’s daily actions to make sense, one must recognize the sacred values hidden in them. Those actions will not make sense without
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He explains how “virtues such as ‘good faith’ and ‘loyalty’” originate from “the sacred order” (152). People have a selfish nature that looks out for self before anyone else. If it is not completely beneficial to one’s self, a contract is difficult to keep. However, a person with these sacred characteristics will uphold their contracts because they know it would be wrong if they did not. Kilpatrick reveals that in order for a contract to be upheld, sacred values must be present. Despite the fact that Kilpatrick recognizes sacred values are needed, he fails to recognize the God that established them. He explains how the founding fathers put a “religious sanction” (155) in the American government, but he fails to point to the God they served. The world does not need religion; it needs the God of the Bible. 1 Corinthians 8:6 states that God is the only God and everything consist because of Him. The sacred values that Kilpatrick refers to come from God they do not come from
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