Kim Jong Sung By Kim Il Sung

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Kim Il Sung, originally born Kim Song-ju, was born on April 15, 1912. Kim was born in a dark time for the Koreans due to the occupation of Korea by Japan. It was around this time when North Koreans grew tired of being Japan’s puppets, and they were ready for a true Korean to stand up for them and take back their beloved country. Kim IL Sung was not born to become anyone important, and he was certainly not born to become the future dictator of North Korea. Kim’s family came from nowhere special they were ordinary farmers who kept to themselves and kept their Christian beliefs close to their hearts. Kim did not have the same faith his family had; in fact he did not care much for religion at all. Kim’s main interest growing up was…show more content…
Once in the army Kim learned a great deal about politics and communism from his boss Wei Zhengmin. Kim became part of a Korean guerilla group, and with his help his group became notoriously known for their attacks. Eventually these guerrilla groups became a big enough threat that Japan posted rewards for any information on these guerilla groups, and over time Japan attempted to eliminate as many of these guerrilla groups as possible. Those groups that managed to evade Japan, Kim il Sung was among them, found refuge in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union trained and armed these guerilla groups. Kim quickly became known for his leadership skills and his knowledge in both communism and politics his growing popularity with the Russians gained Kim more connections with the Russians and the Chinese. When World War 2 was almost over the Korean Peninsula was cut at the 38 parallel line by the U.S. after the war ended the Soviet Union gained control of the Northern half of the peninsula while the United States gained control of the southern half. At the time Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union and he was not sure who he should appoint leader of North Korea. Due to Kim Il Sung’s many connections in the Soviet Union the Soviets appointed Kim as the leader of the Northern half of the Korean peninsula. Kim was forever grateful to Stalin and always did his best to mirror his leadership ways. Now that
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