Kim Jong Un And His Current Leadership

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The future remains somewhat vague for Kim Jong-un and his current leadership as the Supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. Foreign Policy scholars and analysts believe that he will fail to control his country which could lead to its inevitable collapse. If and when North Korea collapses the responsibilities will undoubtedly fall on the shoulders of the United States. Unfortunately many Americans are still feeling fatigued given the trillions that were spent on rebuilding Iraq during the war and the thousands of lives lost as a result of the War. If the United States was put into a position to intervene; the nation should not hesitate in building a consensus at home and an international coalition abroad in order to construct a proper strategy to avoid any possible mishandling’s (Harrington & Ramberg). It’s quite feasible given South Korea’s transition from an authoritarian regime into a democratic nation whose economy is highly industrialized. In 2013 the RAND Corporation commenced a study which examined the problems that could possibly arise if North Korea were to collapse in the not too distant future. In 2006 the South Korean defense ministry stated that defense policy experts in South Korea expect troop sizes to grow by as much as seven hundred thousand in the event that Kim Jong-un’s regime does collapse. In the fall of 2014 the RAND Corporation called for the United States to insert an additional two hundred and seventy troops to secure
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