Kim Jong Un: Nuclear Weapons Against The United States

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In an interview with Kim Jong Un, a high level detector told Time that he would use nuclear weapons against the United States of America and our allies (Zorthian, 2017). The former deputy ambassador of the United Kingdom who was Thae Yong Ho told NBC News that Kim Jong Un is desperate to maintain his rule (Zorthian, 2017). Jong Un is looking for any reason to strike the U.S. He has been testing his missiles a lot more recently and if he sees any threat he may strike (Zorthian, 2017). President Donald Trump will be discussing the nuclear program that North Korea has. He will be speaking with the President of China, Xi Jinping and he is going to try and convince him that China needs to take a more active role in preventing North Korea’s…show more content…
Kim Jung Un is using these missiles to make up for his attitudes about America and our allies. He obviously dislikes us which is likely hate rather than dislike, he has thoughts about us that are surely not pleasant, and his behavior shows that he potentially may want to engage in some type of war with us instead of avoiding the potential catastrophe. He has this attitude about us that he probably has always had and it was surely primed into him when he was young. “When specific attitudes are primed-brought to mind, even unconsciously-people are more likely to act in ways consistent with the attitude” (Gilovich et al., 2016, p. 231). If he has a negative attitude about us, then why would he care what happens to us? If he wants to get rid of us, he could most certainly try and do…show more content…
“Economic theory assumes that people are rational actors who always act in self-interested ways, attempting to maximize their own gains” (Gilovich, et al., 2016, p. 550). Kim Jung Un feels like he has a position to uphold and that he will have the upper hand over us if he fires those missiles. It would strictly be personal and he knows that. He feels like it is something he needs to do. Where there is a war, there is money to be made. The question is; would Kim Jung Un even consider cooperating with us? He may feel like he is weak if he cooperated with us because who in their right mind cooperates with the so called enemy? Cooperating may be seen as weak in his eyes and something that he is just not going to do. Who knows for sure though, he may just surprise us all and end all of this missile
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