Kim Kardashi Publicizing Motherhood And Sexuality

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Kim Kardashian: Publicizing Motherhood and Sexuality The nature of celebrity has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last century, particularly in the qualifications necessary for becoming famous In Daniel J. Boorstin’s The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, he argues that in previous centuries, notable individuals were “heroes” who were celebrated for their “greatness in some achievements” (49). Eventually, due to the rise of mass media, a “celebrity” was created in which the credentials for merit all but disappeared. Instead the celebrity became “a person who is well known for his well-knowness” (Boorstin 57). Currently, there is no other celebrity in the world who is more famous for being famous than Kim Kardashian. Kardashian did not rely on traditional accomplishments to achieve celebrity status; instead, she exploited her renowned beauty, particularly her curvaceous figure. However, that is not to say that she is any less impactful. Her highly publicized and controversial actions, most of which relate to her free expression of sexuality, are criticized and praised by millions of people every day. Indeed, it is Kardashian’s ability to generate so much feedback that makes her such an influential pop culture icon, and this has only increased since she became a mother. The controversies surrounding her famous body showcase the many opposing attitudes that society has on the relationship between motherhood and female sexuality. The public’s fascination
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