Essay on Kimberly-Clark Company Profile

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Kimberly-Clark has been around since 1872. It wasn't until Darwin Smith took over in 1971 as CEO, when the company could finally be labeled as great. He lead the company for over 20 years to take it from a floundering coated paper business to the direct rival that it is today of Procter and Gamble in the consumer paper products. This company has picked up right up where Darwin Smith left. He instilled the concepts and values of a great company and set up the company to succeed upon his departure. It is hard to replace a leader like Darwin Smith, he exhibited all the qualities of a Level 5 leader. According to Good to Great to be a Level 5 leader they must have a mix of humility and will and have ambition not just for their own gain, but…show more content…
Falk has continued to embody these characteristics as he continues the global expansion of Kimberly-Clark. Confronting the brutal facts, yet never losing faith is one of the factors that makes a company great. Kimberly-Clark has been able to do this and it is one of the reasons they are ...
Darwin Smith had to do this when he realized that coated paper business was a bad market with little competition. He knew it would be tough transition to the consumer paper product business especially going up against a giant like Procter and Gamble, yet he never lost faith and Kimberly-Clark became more successful. Stockholders experienced returns of 19.6 percent annually(insert). Getting the right people on board is more important than having a strategy (Collins, 2001). Kimberly-Clark has been adamant about keeping great people in on their team. Even when Smith sold the paper mills he kept the best people even though they knew nothing of consumer products business (Collins, 2001). Smith continually reviewed company leadership. Those who met his specifications got promoted and those who didn't were let go ( insert). He also instituted programs to strengthen Kimberly-Clark employees. He formed the Educational Opportunities plan to provide continuing education to all workers as well as the Health Management Program to improve worker mental and physical health (insert). Smith's belief in having great employees and trying to make those employees even better has had a
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