Kimberly-Clark Use Sustainable Standards to Operate

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Kimberly-Clark Use Sustainable Standards to Operate Sheila Cole Southern New Hampshire University Professor Gaylynn Brenoel March 13, 2016 Introduction Economic growth is defined as the increased capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another. An example of growth is associated with technology like the internet and the way it has brought the U.S. industry as a whole; moreover, improve the quality of life. Kimberly-Clark as a business has not stopped growing as a business so their sustainability continues to grow as the company grows too. They have remain in business by being responsible to the consumer and the government, practice ethical economical practices and protect…show more content…
In turn, customers show their commitment to the company by purchasing their products. In essence, Kimberly- Clark is building the bridge for generations to come. Economy Kimberly-Clark focuses on the populations that are buying and utilizing their products on a daily basis which is a winning scenario for all parties involved. The consumer gets the best product for themselves and the environment; moreover, spends money to buy more. The company is able to employ more personnel to produce the products while maintaining the government rules and regulation. Meanwhile this is contrast to encompassing everyone whether they are buying the company’s product or not. Association in the world Kimberly-Clark has businesses in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia that gives back into the community by becoming involved with several non-profit groups like the boys & girls club, UNICEF, diapers for moms. KC does business with companies like Wal-Mart who also invest into the communities and organizations that contributes to society. Answer the Government We use sustainable environmental practices to grow responsibly in a world of finite resources. Kimberly-Clark sets their company rules and regulations are below the government expectations therefore remaining in compliance of the government. Example, Sustainability 2015 Goal: We strive to manage our waste
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