Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Essay

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Jessica Baumgartner HE 210 10/5/2012 Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center Kimbrough ambulatory care center is an Army base medical care center for most health needs. It is a facility in which all ambulatory care may be performed. This means it excludes emergency care and long term or overnight care. The facility houses Primary care such as Internal medicine which helps those with long term problems such as diabetes, cancer, and chrones disease to manage and monitor treatments. There is a practice for routine care, minor acute illnesses, pregnancy testing, prescribed injections, medicine refills and physicals. Another area focuses on family practice, Coumadin clinic, lipid clinic, and smoking cessation. The other primary care practices are…show more content…
All of these factors make Kimbrough such a convenient medical facility Kimbrough gives in my opinion a great opportunity for many health care professionals. The staff they need to have to perform all of these services could be tremendous. You would need to have physicians both primary and specialty along with nurses or trained technicians. IT is as important as health care professionals as the facility runs through its own insurance and keeps records through their system that are up to date and make it efficient for patients being seen in this facility. As hospitals run I would assume you could have the same type of governance with a facility such as this with a CEO, Board of Trustees, and medical directors. A chief of service would be needed to make sure the facility stays within regulation sanitary, safe, and following codes. Now being a military facility I am unsure of how they hire. A question I have about the facility is; does it have to be staffed by military, volunteer, or is it associated with an educational facility to teach. The website is helpful for a patient seeking care, but not for someone looking for a career. Health Information Technology although not directly addressed was found through means of contact or service. First thing I noticed when looking into the site was that appointments are readily available to make online at any time. This

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