Kimmel 's Bros Before Hos : Displaying The Male Social Facade

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C4C Eric Wiggins
1st Lt Gabrick
English 111 – Essay 1
September 24, 2014
Kimmel’s Guy Code: Exhibiting the Male Social Facade Kimmel’s Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code investigates the complicated social environment in which young males are anticipated to prepare for manhood based upon considerable sociological inquiries conducted from Kimmel himself. His main argument institutes what was formerly a comparatively definite and direct transition for males to experience boyhood to manhood has become much more perplexing and sophisticated. In his revealing chapter, Bros Before Hos: The Guy Code, Michael S. Kimmel examines and determines the adversities young men endure through daily, from the standards society place upon them in deeming what a man is. These principles dictate how masculinity is sown into a man from the anxiety of being ostracized as well as being perceived a feeble individual instead of naturally behaving in this manner. In addition, through Kimmel’s analysis on both the causes and the effects of this extended state of adolescence, they can be particularly influential to male connotations for connections between family members, fellow adults and peers, and personal achievements. Kimmel discusses about the assumed principles of masculinity that American culture establishes on younger men. These principles are said to be the norm to what any man would believe, such as the phrases “Boys Don’t cry”, “Don’t Get Mad – Get Even”, and “never show your
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