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Kin 1600 Wellness Philosophy/ KIN 1600-2 Spring 2015 –Sleep Schedule Ever since I have begun life at college, I have found going to bed on a decent time each night a very troublesome task. I wake up feeling very tired the next morning, and I always seem in a rush to get my day started. Because of staying up so late and then not waking up on time, I am sometimes late to work or class. In addition, I find myself very tired and stressed throughout the day. This in effect makes me often irritable toward other people. I am tired of living my life in a constant flurry every morning. Thus, the behavioral change that I would like to alter is my sleeping schedule. Being tired after a night of sleep just leads to anxiety and causes even…show more content…
The study found that a normal working person in each of these countries is not getting enough sleep during the week. Specifically, Japan and the U.S. were getting the least amount of sleep at 6.5 hours per work night. On the other hand, Canada and Mexico led the group with 7.1 hours of sleep per work night. A France based company called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) gathered data from 30 different nations to study how much the average person in each country was sleeping. Their results showed that China had the highest amount of hours of sleep per night at 9 hours. The worst country in the poll in terms of their hours of rest per night was again Japan. Since sleeping issues among people are only getting worse, some researchers are even calling insufficient sleep the next global health crisis. A study was completed by UK’s University of Warwick Medical School to better understand sleeping insufficiency among developing nations primarily in Asia and Africa. They found that these countries are suffering just as much, if not more (in some cases) as developed countries. Bangladesh was found to be the most problematic in terms of their sleeping patterns. The driving factor was that 40% of women in Bangladesh
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