Kin-Jun-Un: North Koreas Dictator

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Korea was the Empire of Japan in 1910. In World War II, after the Japanese surrendered, the Unites States and the Soviet Union decided to break Korea into two countries. They are now known as North and South Korea. The North was occupied by the Soviet Union, and the South was occupied by the United States. North Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic Government, has a population of around 23 million people, who’s under control by one man, Kin-Jun-Un. Kin-Jun-Un, a dictator that has absolute power over his country, has guided his country to unfair treatment, violent actions, and a lot of conflicts with the Unites States.
Kin-Jun-Un, who has became North Koreas Dictator in 2011, has developed a nuclear testing site, and is believed to be the development
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