Kincaid, Emily Witt, And Ovid Use Love?

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The four letter word LOVE is an very strong and powerful word you don't use unless you mean it. Love can be used in plenty of ways because love is unconditional. Love can cause good or bad feeling. Love comes from a person’s heart and can make that person do things they never did before. Love can also cause people to hurt themselves self if they feel like the person they thought love they don't. Some people see love as a to start a family or relationship. Love can make you happy,sad,mad,hurt,depress,or even emotional. Love can be found on online dating website, such,match,eharmony,etc...

In this essay I'm going to talk about how three different people whose names are Jamaica Kincaid,Emily Witt’s,and Ovid use love.In the poem “Girl” written by Jamaica Kincaid she shows her daughter love by the instructions she's giving her on how to keep the house and yard clean and on how to present herself as a young lady and not a slut. The story “Love Me Tinder” written by Emily Witt’s is a story about how two strangers Eli and Katherine meet on an online dating website called Tinder. In Ovid satire he sees love as rape.

Jamaica Kincaid express her love through her daughter by the instructions she gives her on how to keep a clean house and how to present herself as young women and not a slut they want her to be. I don't feel like she is implying to her daughter as a slut but is just warning her that if she doesn't carry herself the right way, people gonna think

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