Kindergarten Chats By Louis H. Sullivan

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Louis H. Sullivan the author of Kindergarten Chats discusses a chapter about “Thoughts”.
In this chapter, Sullivan discusses the need for real thinking in order for us to create new ideas. Furthermore, he discourages the use of “pseudo-thinking” because it is not original. Sullivan discourages the use of words in creating ideas. Words are thought to slow down the process of real thinking and creates a stumbling block . Imagery, emotions and rhythms are tools in the ability to think with no limits, while words only serves as a hindrance. The idea of being able to generate new ideas with no use of words is very thought provoking. It is pertinent for the general public to ponder this idea; because without words the fruition of new thoughts will be nonexistent. Therefore, words are essential in generating successful ideas.
Words are indispensable in creating ideas. Although, it is true that we must use our own thoughts in creating the idea, words are necessary in relaying that thought. What is the purpose of that idea when you cannot relay it to others? Have you ever imagined the world without light?
An idea or thought however original is nothing not unless conveyed to others. It doesn’t matter whether others appreciate it or not, what matters is that your thought is shared. No genius is ever successful without challenges and failures. How can an idea be an idea if others do not hear about them? The use of words is a tool for having your ideas heard. Thomas Edison used his

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