Kindergarten and Piaget

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Kindergarten and Piaget Child Development Instructor: Jaclyn Scott December 17, 2013 As a preschool teacher, I am responsible for ensuring that I provide my students with engaging experiences through discovery learning as well as making sure that I am supporting the interests of the children in the classroom. Using Piaget 's Stage theories, children cannot do certain tasks until they are psychologically mature enough to do so and was believed that children go through four stages which narrowed down certain points in a child 's cognitive growth where their capabilities and understanding were critical. The four stages that he outlined are the Sensori-motor stage (0-2), Pre-operational stage…show more content…
Using the Brown Bear, which can be used for any story, children can make their own books, use their knowledge of colors and animals. Through the repetition of this week long activity, children will have learned the whole story, remember which animal was what color. Having repeated the story all week, the children should be able to recognize the words that are related to the animal, as well as knowing the sequence that the story has gone through. By introducing the animal noises during the story, the children should be aware of what noises animals make and are able to put in order which animal see 's which animal. Throughout the year this same idea can be the format with different subjects, including pictures of the students themselves and what they see. (Day 1) Will consist of asking students what the brown bear saw. During the book reading, I will ask the students if they have ever seen the color of animal in the book. Children will be making their own books and coloring the animals according to the story. (Day 2) Will be focusing on the rhythm of the story and learning which animals begin with the same letter: bear/ The books they made will be used to help guide them, and as we read the story add in the animal noises that they
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