Kindermusik Personal Statement

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I have always been a passionate advocate for music education. It is offered to practically every student in America, yet very few institutions put an emphasis on partaking in music classes or extra curriculars. I was placed in a program called Kindermusik when I was in preschool. It started with basic music classes, but then I took three years of piano starting at age eight. Around that time I joined my first choir and I’ve been in several since then. During middle school, I was a band kid for three years and took lessons in both guitar and trumpet. In high school, I chose to pursue chorus every year and participated in three annual school musicals. I was President of the Tri-M Music Honor society at my school. While my weighted GPA took a hit from taking chorus classes, I was having a blast and still managed to become my school’s Salutatorian. I even attended NC Governor’s school as a choral music student. Currently, I am enrolled in the mixed chorus, State Chorale, and the music minor program here at NC State. I’m also taking two other music classes this semester. Music is certainly an integral part of my life. …show more content…

In high school, I encouraged many students to audition for the chorus or the annual musical. Many that did found a welcoming community in which they were enthusiastic about staying involved. I firmly believe that injecting music into your everyday life brightens your mood and has a net positive effect on people. It has definitely been proven to stimulate different sections of your brain than traditional academic courses. Additionally, one common saying is that being good with music correlates to being better at math, a core school topic. While I cannot prove that, I am now an Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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