Kindle Fire Marketing Case Study

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Introduction/Overview ­ Renan
In 1995, Jeff Bezos launched Today, Amazon is a Fortune 500 e­commerce company and the largest online retailer in the United States. has become well known as a company that enables sellers to sell their products on its website as well as their own branded websites and to fulfill orders through them. Amazon introduced the Kindle
Fire HDX in 2007 with an Android operating system, access to their own media and e­commerce services and low pricing for the Kindle device. Features such as the 7 inch screen helped the demand of the product.The Kindle line has shown wild success, Bezos will once again try to revolutionize the online retailer industry with the release of the Kindle Fire,
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a. Subscription streaming service comparable to Hulu/Netflix (video) and Spotify
b. Price conscious
c. Larger screen needed?
d. Ideal: high­resolution screen and superior graphics chipset
e. Would they get all of the free content (Prime Instant) rather than purchasing
Amazon content?
f. Would content consumption increase after purchasing Kindle or are they at their limit? 2. Children and Mobile Gamers

a. Children—relatively untapped market for tablets i.
Heavy influence on purchasing behavior of parents ii.
30% of apps on tablets/smartphones were downloaded for children iii.
In 70% of “tablet families,” children under 12 used them frequently to play games iv.
Parents like the tough glass, long­lasting battery, and small, hand­friendly, tactile rubberized coating for their children to use
b. Mobile Gamers—relatively untapped market for Amazon i.
2009: $20 billion in the U.S. and $57 billion globally for mobile gaming purchases ii.
Customers may be reluctant to use more expensive tablets for their children’s

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