Kindle Fire Vs. Kindle

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1. What is the Kindle Fire, and what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of the Kindle Fire compared to its main competitors? The Kindle Fire is a tablet version of the Kindle e-book reader made by the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon. It is a 7 inch touch screen tablet that leverages Google’s Android operating system. Advantages of the Kindle Fire compared to its competitors include a lower starting price point, light weight, portability, modified Google Android mobile operating system, Amazon Silk (cloud-accelerated web browser), tens of thousands of preapproved apps and games and over 18 million movies, songs, and shows available for streaming or downloads. The Kindle Fire comes with a fee one-month subscription to…show more content…
An advantage the Kindle Fire had over the iPad was pricing. The iPad was double the price of the Kindle Fire. The iPad had a faster processing speed, more memory and a greater number of apps to choose from. The Kindle fire was equally as good as the iPad in terms of web browsing capabilities, streaming video, and was as good or better for e-reading. Amazon also had a greater number of videos than Apple via its Prime Instant Video service. This was made possible due to its deal with Viacom. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet – Barnes & Noble’s Nook was comparable to the Amazon Kindle Fire in terms of e-reading. The Nook used subscription based services for e-reading content such as magazines and newspapers. The subscription pricing subsidies made the Nook tablet more affordable than the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire had a greater variety of content through Amazon’s services. It also had an enhanced user experience due to the Silk web browser and its whispersync feature. The Nook was good for e-reading but had a more limited range of capabilities. 2. Which segment should Amazon target for the Kindle Fire? Potential segments include Media Junkies, Children/Gamers, and Higher Education. Breakdown of segments below… Media Junkies: Pros – Amazon has a massive amount of content for to consume. Largest online retailer and the Kindle Fire can be used to access/purchase merchandise. Cons - Worried about taking advantage of the free month of amazon prime and then not
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