Kindness By Naomi Shihab Nye Analysis

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Kindness is an easy thing to understand, a person is nice to someone instead of being mean, but to truly know what kindness is a person has to suffer tremendous pain. In Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “Kindness,” she explains that a person has to be brought to to their lowest point and build themselves back up, before the know what kindness really is. They have to witness all the ugly parts of life, see all the bad in the world before they truly appreciate kindness. That person need to figure out who they really are before they know what kindness is. Losing things, whether it be a person’s favorite pair of old blues jeans that fit just right and they wore everywhere, the family pet that they grew up running in the yard with, or losing someone they love dearly that they spent hours talking to everyday, is an awful thing to go through. In Nye’s poem she writes, “Before you know what kindness really is/ you must lose things,/ feel the future dissolve in a moment/ like salt in a weakened broth” (Lines 1-4). Loss is depressing and gut wrenching, the person feels lost, they feel numb, and they feel everything at once. It is such an overwhelming time, and the person feels as if they will never…show more content…
Nye wrote in her poem, “You must see how this could be you,/ how he too was someone/ who journeyed through the night with plans/ and the simple breath that kept him alive” (17-20). A person must empathize with someone who is at their worst before they know kindness. They need to put themself into that person’s shoes and imagine what they are going through at that moment and time. Once someone understands what the other person is going through they can easily express kindness to them because they know the pain they must be feeling and showing kindness to people who are hurting is the ultimate way to knowing
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