Kindred Healthcare And Humana Inc.

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In business, the best assets of a company are the employees. The employees set the tone for the organization. An organization’s success stems from hiring the right people. Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a vital role in the selection of the employees. HRM rely on specific tools to draw top-qualified candidates for certain jobs. HRM may uses different applications for screening, interviews, tests, background checks and reference checks to endure the right employees are chosen.
Kindred HealthCare and Humana Inc. are the two companies chosen to conduct the Human Resources interview. Kindred Healthcare, Inc. is a healthcare services company that through its subsidiaries operates hospitals, nursing centers, home health, hospice
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Tabitha stated it is imperative that companies get the right person in the right role. Proper planning, review and evaluations will lead to hiring the right person for the role and team.
Secondly, I interviewed Tiffany Corley, a Process Manager nine years at Humana. This interview was conducted face to face. Tiffany also expressed the importance of find the right person for a role. Unlike Tabitha, Tiffany handles the hiring within her team versus the organization as a whole. Like Tabitha, Tiffany stated that it was important to find the best fit for her team. Tiffany relies on the Humana Resources department to conduct the preliminary screens before her involvement begins.
1. Group Type for Organizing HR: Identify which of the four types of groups for organizing HR (i.e., transactional HR group, corporate HR group, embedded HR group, or centers of expertise), the organization is using. Tabitha Nelson - My name is Ms. Nelson and I currently work for Kindred Healthcare. My current position is a recruiter assistant for on-boarding in Human Resource. I would identify my current role to be a transactional HR group, because my department just recently started a Share Service division. My area focus on using centralized call centers to provide support to internal employees to support day to day transactional HR activities. In addition to processing new hires internally through Taleo.
Tiffany Corley -
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