Kindred Todd Case

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Organization development practitioners face dilemmas each and every day on the job, whether they are value-based or ethical in nature. In terms of values, OD professionals seek to foster a relationship with a client that is based on trust, collaboration, openness. The ability to incorporate the human aspect into each area of the job is just one of the value-based dilemmas OD professionals face. At any given moment, a OD professional may face conflicts from external sources as well as the companies’ own values for how to resolve issues. Some companies value lateral open exchange of information and problem-solving where as others might have a top-down approach for problem-solving. The OD
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This demonstrated her understanding to make the team feel engaged, important, and vital to the process. She then retargeted the focus back to the importance of the long-range goals and strategies of the firm by listening to the history of the organization. She was able to gather data on the company by reviewing the financial reports, trends in the industry, and issues the company faces. Her goal now was to probe for further information on the history, feedback from the management team on the issues, and to actively listen. She displayed emotional intelligence by not letting her initial shock of being sold as a CQI expert take over her discussion with the client. She was able to calmly navigate through effectively. By actively listening to the senior management team, Ms Todd demonstrated interpersonal skills such that the president of the oil and gas company was impressed with her.
An important aspect of the case was that Ms Todd learned of the team’s desire for implementation of CQI that she quickly identified, in her mind, that she was not an expert. As a consultant it is important to understand one’s abilities to diagnose and implement a planned change while removing bias in the diagnosis based on previous experiences. Where Ms Todd failed was to address that perhaps CQI was not the only solution.
Overall, I believe Ms Todd handled the initial
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