Kindred by Olivia Butler - Rufus' Evil and Inhumane Nature

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Rufus Weylin; a character first perceived as a young, curious and innocent boy, turns in to an over-obsessive and miserable tyrant. In Octavia Butler 's novel _Kindred_, the book revolves around the horrors of slavery in the United States in the early eighteen hundreds. White characters are given absolute power and control over black characters, and treat them like animals, making them live a long life of misery and unhappiness. As _Kindred_ unfolds, it becomes clear that Rufus turns in to a stereotypical slave owner and abuser. With every trip that Dana makes back to Rufus, there is a clear distinction of changes in his personality. He becomes more evil, over-obsessive and cruel as he gets older. In fact, he becomes very much like his …show more content…

He feels that he has the authority to do as he wishes, despite how it affects those surrounding him. Throughout Rufus ' life, all he wants most is to get Alice. Alice however is a free and married black woman. She does not belong to Rufus, and lives off his plantation. Once Rufus finds out of her affairs with somebody else, he gets extremely jealous. Although Alice isn 't his property, he feels like she should be. Rufus tries to rape Alice - a free and married woman, and gets beat up by Alice 's dear husband, Isaac Jackson. Alice and Isaac are then forced to run away to avoid getting arrested and brought back to the plantation. "Isaac and Alice had four days of freedom together. On the fifth day, they were caught. On the seventh day, I found about it."(Butler, 143) "He was feeling better, looking better. That seemed to be enough for him."(Butler, 143) At last, Rufus gets what he wants - he gets Alice. After their capture, he buys Alice and brings her back to the plantation. She becomes his property. Rufus does not care in what mental and physical condition she comes back in. Alice is now his, and he gets what he wants. Furthermore, he rapes and beats Alice after he gets hold of her. To Rufus, having Alice 's life at his own discretion is what is important to him. He wants to have full control over her. However, he later realizes that there are some aspects of Alice that

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